Do Over

Today, Matt invites Adam Carolla to the studio to talk about taking responsibility, getting more done, and the story of his own personal Do Over.  After a chaotic early childhood, Adam sailed right into 30 years of what he calls missed opportunities.  He was broke and wasting years of his life not living up to his potential in jobs such as digging ditches and cleaning carpets. 

But armed with resiliency, a healthy dose of fear, and a drive to solidify his legacy, Adam Carolla turned his life around.  Now, as a sort of poster child for those clawing their way to the top, Carolla is a successful comedian, podcaster, radio personality, television host, actor and New York Times best-selling author. 


One of the most motivational episodes of Do Over to date, this episode should be watched with a pen and paper in hand because Adam drops several truth bombs and offers actionable advice for those ready to launch their own Do Overs.  Enjoy!


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