Do Over

On this episode Matt is not talking about boring ol' retirement, he's talking about how to retire early! Now that's exciting! However, unless the world's population is open to a significant paradigm shift around how they view money and building wealth, very few will ever be able to retire early... if they ever get to retire at all. In a rare rant, Matt jumps up on his soap box and stomps on the sacred cows that so many hold near and dear to their hearts.

If you know what you're doing isn't working, or isn't working as well as you'd like, this could be one of the most important episodes of the Your Do Over show ever as it pertains to your financial future. However, if you're on track to enjoy the type of life you want when you want to enjoy it... feel free to skip this episode and meet back up with Matt on Episode 57.

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Referenced at the top of the show, Matt briefly shared his "guaranteed cashflow" real estate program and the new "no banks involved" financing now available. If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, download an investor's package with all the details at

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