Do Over

Matt Theriault is joined by Rich Mom Savannah Ross as she shares her inspiring story of "Bankruptcy to Millionaire" in six months. Tune in and learn:

  • The key ingredient to succeeding in real estate.
  • Where to begin your financial education for fastest results.
  • The difference between those that succeed and those that fail in real estate.
  • The reason most people don't invest in real estate even when they know it's what they should do.
  • The most consistent and reliable strategy that has made her the #1 real estate investor in the country.
  • The strategy that works best for her students that has six of them in the Top 10 Real Estate Investor list with Savannah.
  • How to start investing in real estate when you have little to no real estate experience.
  • How she taught her two sons to become millionaires in real estate before the age of 9.
  • And a ton more...

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