Do Over

We're just two episodes away from wrapping up the Freedom Possible series! That being said, the series wouldn't be complete without an exciting discussion about your tax obligations. Half the money you earn in your lifetime will go to pay your taxes, so pay attention.

What most people don't recognize is that they pay a lot more in taxes than they have to, even more than what the government wants from them.

As you've set out on the fast track to building your passive income through running a business and rental real estate, your journey to financial freedom can be accelerated even further by decreasing your tax liability.

On this episode, Matt is joined by his own CPA Ted Cohen to share with you "The Top 3 Actions You Can Take to Slash Your Annual Tax Bill."

Ted is making himself available to the Your Do Over audience to individually discuss how to decrease the amount of money paid to Uncle Sam each year... legally, honestly, morally, ehtically and even with Uncle Sam himself's blessing.

Feel free to contact Ted Cohen at:

(858) 336-2182

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