Do Over

John Lee Dumas, one of the more influential podcasters of the day, joins Matt to discuss all things NOT podcasting. Well, they touch on it a bit, but the majority of their discussion revolves around:

  • John's countless failures prior to starting Entrepreneur on Fire.
  • Why he failed so many times and why this time is different.
  • How he managed to maintain zero Internet identity for so long.
  • Why he decided to jump on the Internet now.
  • How his mentor played a significant role in his success.
  • How he found his mentor.
  • What role his service in the U.S. Army has played in his life as an entrepreneur.
  • Who John spends most of his time with.
  • What he likes to do at weddings.

And yes, they do eventually get around to discussing the multiple streams of income (and how much income) his podcast is producing.

The laws of success are universal, regardless of what you're up to. Listen in as John Lee Dumas drops sever "success" nuggets that you can plug into your own Do Over.


To get a jump start on your Do Over, go to and download The 3 Pillars of Creating the Ultimate Do Over. It's free.

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