Do Over

When faced with adversity, how do you respond? What is your pattern of action? Are you even aware of what it is? Are you even aware that you have one? Whether you are aware or not, you have a pattern that dictates what happens next. In this episode, Matt shows you how to shift your focus, take control of this pattern and turn your life around in an instant so that you're always getting closer to your goals.

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It's probably safe to say that everybody wants to be successful at something. The first question is, how successful do you want to be? The second question is, how do you succeed if you don't deserve it, you have no talent, you seemed to have tried everything and have lost all hope? Matt "the Do Over Guy" addresses an invisible barrier that afflicts a great deal of the population, if not everybody. Awareness is the first step to recovery. If you don't know what it is, how can you manage it? Once revealed, it can disappear and the sky is the limit!

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Although producing "passive income" is not a get-rich-quick idea, it is probably the quickest and surest path for the average person to attain financial independence and freedom. There are several methods and strategies of producing passive income. Unfortunately, many are not realistic for the average person. With the advancement of technology and the Internet, however, producing passive income is more accessible and easier than it has ever been. On this episode of Your Do Over, Matt shares the 5 "Realistic" Methods of Producing Passive Income that he's incorporating into his own "Do Over," but more importantly... he shares how you can do the same.

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