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"Money!" How to make it. How to grow it. How to keep it. The "Do Over" Guy interviews self-made millionaire Kris Krohn on the "hows" of money, and it's revealed how finanical gurus like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey are missing the mark. Enjoy!

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The "Do Over Guy" interviews MJ Demarco, the author of Matt's newest favorite book... The Millionaire Fastlane. This is a life-changing episode!

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On this episode, the Do Over Guy interviews life and success coach Nancy Dana on human behavior, science of the brain, staying motivated and producing results.

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. A "believable" plan instills confidence in your daily activities in a way that staying motivated isn't that much of an issue. On this episode, Matt walks you through his exact process of creating certainty and removing all doubt in the achievement of your dreams and goals.

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The "Do Over" Guy continues his series on your most burning concern of "how to stay motivated?" and "how to stay focused?" Motivation, focus and enthusiasm are the sparks that will light the fire under your pursuits and inspire action. Motivation is important. In fact, it's vital. Unfortunately, it doesn't last... and that's why motivation is like bathing, it's recommended daily.

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When "doing over," motivation is typically strong in the beginning and can easily wane with time. Knowing how to stay motivated can be the difference between "doing over" and "doing over again." On this episode, Matt shares two of his favorite and most effective practices that help him stay motivated.

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