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Matt is joined in this episode by new friend Greg S. Reid. Greg is a best selling author (Three Feet from Gold), speaker and filmmaker. Matt and Greg over the holidays decided to come together and discuss a few points with the intent of contributing to your "do over" now and into the New Year. Among many tangible golden nuggets of wisdom, Greg surprises Matt with a special "world premier" type of an announcement on how YOU can participate very easily in Greg's new project.

If you're looking for a little "pick-me-up" during the holiday season to carry you into the New Year, you won't want to miss this special episode of Your Do Over.

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Early last week Matt received a tweet from Tim Ferriss of The 4 Hour Work Week fame referencing an article from The Guardian News written by Susie Steiner. In this article, Susie references a book written by Bronnie Ware, Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. On this episode Matt discusses the top 5 regrets of the dying so that you can do something about it now as opposed to waiting until it's too late.

This episode is in honor and celebration of those that we loved, and continue to love, that are no longer with us.

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If you're having trouble getting started on your 'do over,' it's on purpose. Yep, contrary to what you believe to be true, you are purposefully not getting started. Would you like to know why? On this episode, Matt reveals the force that drives every aspect of your life.

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On this episode of the Your Do Over show Matt is joined by one of his most cherished and revered mentors Mr. Stephen Gregg. Stephen was one of Matt's earliest guests on this podcast of Stephen shared his own rise and fall and rise again story. It's a Your Do Over favorite! Matt interviews Stephen around he ended up in the middle of his newest venture, a sales productivity tool

Matt and Stephen share a passion for personal development and human performance so this episode is of amazing value to anyone in the middle of their "do over," however if you find yourself in any sort of sale profession whether it be corporate sales, direct sales, MLM, network marketing or merely running a small business, this is an episode you will not want to miss.

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The best thing for you to do at any given time is to make the right decision. The next best thing for you to do would be to make the wrong decision. And the worst thing for you to do would be to make no decision at all. However, even if you agree with this logic, most people will still consistently do the "worst" thing... no decision at all. Why is that?

On this episode, Matt shares the one important element he left out on Episode #57 with regard to the three little decisions you are ALWAYS making, and making them many times per day. Matt requests your forgiveness as he sent you out to take on the world without one invaluable too... Knowing how to beat indecision. Tune in as he makes it up to you.

This is the podcast where Matt shows people how to start over and begin a new life setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth, financial freedom, the lives of their dreams... and live that life to the fullest.

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Two-hundred million people blindly throw their money each and every month at an investment vehicle that is the exact opposite of what we all want for our money. Do you know how to invest? Are you guilty of what 67% of people do on a monthly basis? In this episode, Matt reveals the worst performing invvestment in America. It's not only the worst performing, it's tragically one of the most popular. Save your financial future and tune into the facts as they are presented in a way that only "the Do Over Guy" seems able to do.

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There are 3 things you do every moment of every day that control your life. Some people do them consciously, but most do them subconsciously and they are sabotaging your results.

On this episode, Matt shares three short-cuts to move these three things from your subconscious to your conscious so you can control your results and live the life you've always wanted.

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On this episode Matt is not talking about boring ol' retirement, he's talking about how to retire early! Now that's exciting! However, unless the world's population is open to a significant paradigm shift around how they view money and building wealth, very few will ever be able to retire early... if they ever get to retire at all. In a rare rant, Matt jumps up on his soap box and stomps on the sacred cows that so many hold near and dear to their hearts.

If you know what you're doing isn't working, or isn't working as well as you'd like, this could be one of the most important episodes of the Your Do Over show ever as it pertains to your financial future. However, if you're on track to enjoy the type of life you want when you want to enjoy it... feel free to skip this episode and meet back up with Matt on Episode 57.

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Referenced at the top of the show, Matt briefly shared his "guaranteed cashflow" real estate program and the new "no banks involved" financing now available. If this sounds like something you want to learn more about, download an investor's package with all the details at

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Starting over in life is impossible without one specific distinction. If you're contemplating how to start over, tune into this episode and listen to Matt break it down to the very basic distinction that without... "doing over" is impossible.

You can't afford to miss this episode.

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On today's episode, Matt is joined by one of his new role models, successful entrepreneur James Schramko of who shows us how to start your own business while you still have a job. As well, James shares his own personal story of how he escaped his 9 to 5 job and started his own business. Since, Mr. Schramko has built quite an empire of automated Internet businesses representing many different products and services generating seven-figures a year. If you've been contemplating an escape from your job and/or starting your own business, you will not want to miss this episode. Get your white paper and blue ink and get ready to take notes and strategize your escape.

Further, James has offered a unique and gracious discount to the "Your Do Over" listeners on his new business strategy course Wealthification. Go to and enter "do over" into the coupon code box to receive an additional 20% off of what is already economically priced business education.

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Spin Selling

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Starting over in life can be a scary proposition. What scares people most is their doubt in their ability to start over. They doubt that they will succeed, and because they doubt... they either don't try, or don't try very long. On this episode, Matt shares three steps to creating lasting results and live life to the fullest.

Start your "do over" by downloading the 3 Pillars of Creating the Ultimate "Do Over' for free at

Other Resources Mentioned:

Also, Matt has a few rare openings in his success coaching program. Go to to inquire.

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Matt's been away continuing his work on his own "Do Over." During his recent ventures he was reminded of three approaches to busting through barriers. On this episode he shares 3 approaches to a Quantum Lead in Your Do Over.

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On this episode, Matt welcomes Kris Krohn back to the show for a second visit to share more of pearls of wisdom. Kris could be considered the Your Do Over show's first "fan favorite" guest. Kris made his first appearance on the Your Do Over show on Episode 36.

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Life is short... it's God's way of encouraging focus. On this episode, Matt expounds on the pros and cons of recognizing that life is indeed short, or as Matt puts it... Life is fast!

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Regardless of what it is that you want to accomplish... there are four steps that cannot be avoided, and there's a fifth step if you want to accomplish it FAST! On this episode, Matt shares the four essential steps plus the fifth 'results accelerator' step. Enjoy!

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On this episode, Matt interviews Jay and Sterling of the Internet Business Mastery podcast. It's their podcast that inspired Matt to start this very podcast, and today the three discuss business, life and of course... doing over.

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