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Awaken the Giant Within, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Millionaire Real Estate Investor are books that have profoundly changed Matt's life, however, the impact that they had on his life would've been minimal if it weren't for one additional book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. On today's episode, Matt interviews the author where they talk everything about the Slight Edge Philosophy.

Regardless of what you're "doing over," this is a MUST listen episode.

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The result of your "do over" greatly depends on whether or not it matters to you, or not. If it doesn't matter, you're doomed. Are you S.O.L., or is there something you can do about it? As always, Matt will not leave you hangin'. You're in good hands. Listen, learn and do.

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The difference between "good intentions" and "doing the right thing" is a new distinction Matt has embraced, and on this episode he shares how if people don't pay attention... good people can end up with bad results.

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Matt welcomes Michelle Prince, America's Productivity Expert, to the show to discuss:

  • Personal development
  • Working with Zig Ziglar
  • How to write a book in a weekend
  • Making time to pursue your passion
  • How to get your spouse on board with your entrepreneurial pursuits
  • Getting started after a major setback

...and a whole lot more.

To learn more about Michelle and how she and her services can help you inside your entrepreneurial endeavors and become more productive in life overall, visit

If writing a book has been on your "to do" list, maybe attending Michelle's is the next step for you? Check it out.


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On this episode, business building expert, Jim Palmer discusses with Matt what holds people back from starting a business, why today's economy presents a greater opportunity for success than in the past and the difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner.

Learn more about Jim Palmer and his business at The Newsletter Guru.


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Music industry veteran, Rick Barker, shares with Matt his "do over" after 15 years in radio that lead to his meteoric rise in the music industry as manager of Taylor Swift. This isn't your normal "reinvention" story. Listen in and prepare to be inspired as well as entertained.

To learn more about Rick Barker and his new Music Industry Blueprint, go to


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Recently, Matt was able to connect with Stacey Poon-Kinney, Food Network Star, to discuss her roller coaster ride with Restaurant Impossible's host Robert Irvine, as well as her simple secrets for success, her setbacks and more success! Enjoy :-)

When in San Diego, stop by Stacey's restaurant, The Trails Neighborhood Eatery, as featured on Restaurant Impossible | (619) 667-2233


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Although the phrase the Law of Attraction was never mentioned during this interview, the story of Matt's guest Alan Weinkrantz of is evidence that whether intentionally or unintentionally practiced, conscious or uncsious of, the univesral laws of attraction are always working. Good news, yes?!

Listen in on this PR extraordinnaire's story and how he's attracting new business and opportunities by embracing the powers of:

  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring
  • Being open to meeting new people
  • Detaching form the outcome
  • Being helpful

Oh, and you've got to hear Alan's remarkable happenstance story about Zig Zigler. It's another MUST listen episode of Your Do Over.

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Most people at some point will get stopped in the present by a past experience. Sometimes it's addiction, sometimes it's depression, sometimes it's anxiety... it can be a number of any past memories and/or experiences that sabotage one's behavior and results.

On today's show Matt is joined by Vasavi Kumar, a media-savvy social worker, certified life coach and survivor, who is working to free people from their past so they can take charge of their future.

Listen in on their conversation and Vasavi's advice to overcoming depression, anxiety and fear. In fact, she will explain how to use fear as your "life compass" to guide your desired destination.

To catch up with, and learn more about, Vasavi Kumar go to her website at

If you haven't downloaded Matt's acclaimed program to help you start your "Do Over" right, go to and get a free copy of The 3 Pillars of Creating the Ultimate Do Over.

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The title pretty much says it all. As Matt introduced the Freedom Possible Series with "Change one thing one time and you can exit the rat race forever," he closes the Freedom Possible Series with "Change one more thing just one time and your exit will be a breeze."

Don't miss the final step of shifting from the realm of Freedom Possible to the realm of Freedom Probable, and a special closing thought from an unlikely source, Adam Carolla.

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We're just two episodes away from wrapping up the Freedom Possible series! That being said, the series wouldn't be complete without an exciting discussion about your tax obligations. Half the money you earn in your lifetime will go to pay your taxes, so pay attention.

What most people don't recognize is that they pay a lot more in taxes than they have to, even more than what the government wants from them.

As you've set out on the fast track to building your passive income through running a business and rental real estate, your journey to financial freedom can be accelerated even further by decreasing your tax liability.

On this episode, Matt is joined by his own CPA Ted Cohen to share with you "The Top 3 Actions You Can Take to Slash Your Annual Tax Bill."

Ted is making himself available to the Your Do Over audience to individually discuss how to decrease the amount of money paid to Uncle Sam each year... legally, honestly, morally, ehtically and even with Uncle Sam himself's blessing.

Feel free to contact Ted Cohen at:

(858) 336-2182

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Matt is joined by Sharon Lechter, Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, CPA, entrepreneur, international speaker, and proud Mother and Grandmother. Mrs. Lechter is also a national spokesperson for the AICPA for financial literacy, a former member of the first President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, founder of Pay Your Family First and YOUTHpreneur. Her latest books released in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation include, “Three Feet from Gold” and “Outwitting the Devil”. She has also released an award winning money and life reality board game, “ThriveTime for Teens.”

On this episode Matt and Sharon discuss:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • The importance of financial literacy
  • Credit Cards
  • What you're teaching your children
  • Financial education in the school system
  • Senate Bill 1449 - Personal finance in the school curriculum
  • Mastering your money
  • Investing in real estate the right way
  • Think and Grow Rich for Women
  • Thrive Time for Teens


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Matt Theriault is joined by Rich Mom Savannah Ross as she shares her inspiring story of "Bankruptcy to Millionaire" in six months. Tune in and learn:

  • The key ingredient to succeeding in real estate.
  • Where to begin your financial education for fastest results.
  • The difference between those that succeed and those that fail in real estate.
  • The reason most people don't invest in real estate even when they know it's what they should do.
  • The most consistent and reliable strategy that has made her the #1 real estate investor in the country.
  • The strategy that works best for her students that has six of them in the Top 10 Real Estate Investor list with Savannah.
  • How to start investing in real estate when you have little to no real estate experience.
  • How she taught her two sons to become millionaires in real estate before the age of 9.
  • And a ton more...

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The finish line is in sight. The "Freedom Possible" series is coming to a glorious and exciting conclusion. Once completed, you will have a very clear plan on how to produce your own financial freedom. On this episode, Matt ties together several of the concepts discussed thus far including:

  • How what you don't know that you don't know is threatening your financial future
  • Why the dollar your assets produce is worth more than the dollar you produce
  • How to add serious velocity to your wealth creation
  • How to protect yourself from inflation while everyone else is exposed
  • How to cut your biggest expense in life so you can enjoy that money you work hard for
  • And so much more...

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As the Freedom Possible series enters the home stretch, Makes his case as to why where you're currently investing your money will almost assuredly produce a much lower reward over the long run while carrying a significantly greater amount of risk, and then of course... in "Do Over Guy" fashion, Matt shares the solution and what there is to do with it.

It's another MUST LISTEN episode of Your Do Over.

"I show people how to invest in real estate at, or I do it for them at" -Matt Theriault

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Starting your own business is a big endeavor, especially if it's your first business. Business ownership comes with certain risks, especially in the beginning. However, starting a business and its inherent risks are nothing to fear if you take some specific steps prior to diving in head first. On this episode, Matt shares 10 things that you MUST do prior to quitting your job and starting your own business.

Design a lifestyle that you love around your business at

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On this episode, Matt discusses the following:

  • The importance of establishing a "success mindset"
  • Why you should begin your new business by first designing your desired lifestyle, and then design your business
  • Why an Internet business is the ideal business for now, the future and your overall freedom
  • Creating a business that cannot fail
  • The biggest reason for Jason and Jeremy's succes with their Internet businesses
  • All the stuff Jason wishes someone would've told him before starting doing business on the Internet
  • Exclusive access (not yet open to the public) to the "NEW" Internet Business Mastery Academy V 3.0

If you decide to join the new Internet Business Mastery Academy, help "the Do Over Guy" keep the lights on in his new studio by first clicking his affiliate link

Cheers, peace and blessings!

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Today Matt is joined by "The Apprentice" Season 2 Winner Mr. Kelly Perdew.

Listen in as the two entrepreneurs continue the Freedom Possible Series and discuss:

  • Success Principles
  • Integrity
  • Duty
  • Teamwork
  • Knowing which business idea to pursue
  • 3 Steps to taking your vision to venture
  • Kelly's 2 biggest takeaways from working with Donald Trump
  • The biggest mistake Kelly noticed his Apprentice conpetitors make

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Matt is joined, via phone, by repeat guest Mr. Greg S. Reid of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. With a far reach from the Law of Attraction to "exact science," Greg shares the secrets of his success in business.

On this episode you will learn:

  • How to find the right mentor to accelerate your journey.
  • How to create an empowering environment to support your journey.
  • The difference between opinion and council and why it's vital to your success.
  • The one thing that all of Greg's successes have in common and how you can implement it, too.
  • How to manage your time when you don't have any. Ding! Ding! Ding!

To stay current with and/or contact Greg Reid, go to

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In the spirit of making financial freedom a possibilty for all that want it and are willing to do what's necessary to achieve it, Matt continues his popular and acclaimed Freedom Possible Series with an interview of one of today's brightest business visionaires, Gary Vaynerchuk.

During Matt and Gary's conversation, they discuss:

  • Why everyone should start a business... even if they are happily employed.
  • Why it's never a bad time to start a business.
  • The first thing you should do when starting a business.
  • How to avoid doing the "dumb shit" many businesses are doing today that's costing them billions!
  • The meaning behind Gary's mantra "It's better than zero"

...and the episode is concluded as Matt and Gary breakdown the title of Gary's newest book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell a Story in a Noisy, Social World. Click here to order your copy on

Enjoy the show!

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He began his career working for best-selling author and speaker Mr. Tony Robbins, and he then went on to help launch small businesses that became big brands like CBS Sportsline, NBC Internet and His next venture took him into the world of private aviation and founded Smart Charter of which was later acquired by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He’s been a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and he can now add the Your Do Over Podcast to his resume. Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Theriault introduces to you Mr. Scott Duffy who's going to give you some invaluable tips and advice on launching a business from his upcoming book, Launch (March 2014).

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Visit to learn how to start an automated Internet business today.

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It's a new day, the beginning of a new era for Your Do Over! Join Matt on this episode as he resumes the Freedom Possible series discussing 10 key prinicples that your new internet business won't survive without.

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If you haven't started your passive income generating internet business, don't wait another second. Start here by downloading the 3 Secrets to Internet Success.

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The truth is most businesses fail. However, business owners make up 74% of today's wealthy 1%. Despite the high failure rate of businesses, business ownership represents the average person's greatest shot at achieving real wealth and financial freedom. On today's episode, Matt walks through a process of creating the right business idea just for you, and then guides you through setting up your business to either run with or without your presence right now and well into the future. It's another "must listen" episode of the Freedom Possible Series.

Resources Mentioned:

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Last episode (#69) you were given your own personal road to financial freedom. On this episode Matt shares the two vehicles that present the greatest possibility for you to successfully travel your road. Additionally, Matt imparts the four different ways to generate income and the three actions to consistently take to exit the proverbial "rat race."

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Most people spend more time planning their Summer vacation than they do their lives. On this episode, Matt puts a stop to the madness as he walks you through step-by-step in creating your own personal road map to financial freedom. Each and every listener that chooses to participate in this exercise will walk away with amazing clarity around how simple it is to achieve their financial freedom.

Get your white paper and blue ink handy, and let's get to work on YOUR financial freedom.

Download the 3 Pillars of Creating the Ultimate Do Over for free at

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You know you want financial freedom, but do you know how much money you need to achieve it? Do you know what to do to get it? Most people know they want more time and money freedom, but as much as they want it, they don't have the slightest clue on how much money they need to make financial freedom and independence a reality in their lives. Some people need much more than they thought while others don't need nearly as much as they had previously thought making "freedom" that much more of an imeninent reality. On this episode, Matt walks you through the process step-by-step in helping you get to the magic number that will grant you and those you care about most the financial freedom you've wanted for so long.

Download your quick start guide to "doing over" at

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Last episode (#66) Matt busted two of the biggest wealth-creating myths that people subscribe to, and then hinted on a solution. On this episode Matt expands on the solution and reveals the silent killer of financial freedom. It's the trap that ensnares some of the most educated, savvy, well-intended investors. If you're not aware of it, it most certainly will get you, too. This is another MUST listen episode of Matt's Freedom Possible series.

Download for FREE "The 3 Pillars of Creating the Ultimate Do Over" at

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On this episode Matt begins a new series on creating financial freedom. He covers the dismail state of current financial affairs of the American people and why nothing is going to improve for those that fail to open their eyes and start doing something different. Matt changed one thing one time and exited the "rat race" forever, and he's gonna show you how he did it... but more importantly, how you can, too.

Get your own "do over" started right by downloading The Three Pillars of Creating the Ultimate Do Over for free at

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Would you rather be liked, or respected? Most people would choose "respected" and would also agree that being "liked" is overrated. You're never going to please everybody all the time, so don't try. However, there is a reason to be liked. When it comes to business, people give their business to people that they know, like and have confidence in their competence. All 3 qualities are important, yet being liked can compensate for some deficiencies in the other two in a way that those two cannot.

On this episode, Matt shares with you his 5 sure fire ways to become more likable so that you can increase your business and sleep better at night.

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This episode of the Your Do Over podcast is brought to you LIVE from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Matt is on vacation celebrating the New Year in style, but he refused to leave his favorite people (and that would be YOU) behind. Matt understands that the world is always looking for a faster and easier way to get to where they want to go, and that is the essence of this show... to show people the fastest and easiest methods to accomplishing their goals. In honor of the world's demand, "the Do Over Guy" reveals the shortest short cut he knows that will get you to your goals the fastest, AND the easiest.


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