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Although the phrase the Law of Attraction was never mentioned during this interview, the story of Matt's guest Alan Weinkrantz of is evidence that whether intentionally or unintentionally practiced, conscious or uncsious of, the univesral laws of attraction are always working. Good news, yes?!

Listen in on this PR extraordinnaire's story and how he's attracting new business and opportunities by embracing the powers of:

  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring
  • Being open to meeting new people
  • Detaching form the outcome
  • Being helpful

Oh, and you've got to hear Alan's remarkable happenstance story about Zig Zigler. It's another MUST listen episode of Your Do Over.

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Most people at some point will get stopped in the present by a past experience. Sometimes it's addiction, sometimes it's depression, sometimes it's anxiety... it can be a number of any past memories and/or experiences that sabotage one's behavior and results.

On today's show Matt is joined by Vasavi Kumar, a media-savvy social worker, certified life coach and survivor, who is working to free people from their past so they can take charge of their future.

Listen in on their conversation and Vasavi's advice to overcoming depression, anxiety and fear. In fact, she will explain how to use fear as your "life compass" to guide your desired destination.

To catch up with, and learn more about, Vasavi Kumar go to her website at

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The title pretty much says it all. As Matt introduced the Freedom Possible Series with "Change one thing one time and you can exit the rat race forever," he closes the Freedom Possible Series with "Change one more thing just one time and your exit will be a breeze."

Don't miss the final step of shifting from the realm of Freedom Possible to the realm of Freedom Probable, and a special closing thought from an unlikely source, Adam Carolla.

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We're just two episodes away from wrapping up the Freedom Possible series! That being said, the series wouldn't be complete without an exciting discussion about your tax obligations. Half the money you earn in your lifetime will go to pay your taxes, so pay attention.

What most people don't recognize is that they pay a lot more in taxes than they have to, even more than what the government wants from them.

As you've set out on the fast track to building your passive income through running a business and rental real estate, your journey to financial freedom can be accelerated even further by decreasing your tax liability.

On this episode, Matt is joined by his own CPA Ted Cohen to share with you "The Top 3 Actions You Can Take to Slash Your Annual Tax Bill."

Ted is making himself available to the Your Do Over audience to individually discuss how to decrease the amount of money paid to Uncle Sam each year... legally, honestly, morally, ehtically and even with Uncle Sam himself's blessing.

Feel free to contact Ted Cohen at:

(858) 336-2182

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Matt is joined by Sharon Lechter, Co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, CPA, entrepreneur, international speaker, and proud Mother and Grandmother. Mrs. Lechter is also a national spokesperson for the AICPA for financial literacy, a former member of the first President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy, founder of Pay Your Family First and YOUTHpreneur. Her latest books released in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation include, “Three Feet from Gold” and “Outwitting the Devil”. She has also released an award winning money and life reality board game, “ThriveTime for Teens.”

On this episode Matt and Sharon discuss:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • The importance of financial literacy
  • Credit Cards
  • What you're teaching your children
  • Financial education in the school system
  • Senate Bill 1449 - Personal finance in the school curriculum
  • Mastering your money
  • Investing in real estate the right way
  • Think and Grow Rich for Women
  • Thrive Time for Teens


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