Do Over

You’ve tried the straight-and-narrow path already. You went to school. You got a job.

You done the “responsible thing.”

And it was good… for a while.

Now “the responsible thing” kind of sucks. You’ve been lead astray and your life is mediocre.

What happened to all those dreams you used to have?

Sure, you can try to fill the void with nice stuff – a new car, a big television, or a cool place to live. And you can take a few days off, if you have permission, to try to get away from it all…

But nice stuff and a few days off won’t fix the feelings of helpless, hopeless, and frustration inside you. And neither will drinking too much, a profile on, or “job benefits” like a 401k.

Forget that stuff. What you need is a real cure and that starts today with the Do Over Guy's discussion with xxxx expert, Laurel Staples.


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John Lee Dumas, one of the more influential podcasters of the day, joins Matt to discuss all things NOT podcasting. Well, they touch on it a bit, but the majority of their discussion revolves around:

  • John's countless failures prior to starting Entrepreneur on Fire.
  • Why he failed so many times and why this time is different.
  • How he managed to maintain zero Internet identity for so long.
  • Why he decided to jump on the Internet now.
  • How his mentor played a significant role in his success.
  • How he found his mentor.
  • What role his service in the U.S. Army has played in his life as an entrepreneur.
  • Who John spends most of his time with.
  • What he likes to do at weddings.

And yes, they do eventually get around to discussing the multiple streams of income (and how much income) his podcast is producing.

The laws of success are universal, regardless of what you're up to. Listen in as John Lee Dumas drops sever "success" nuggets that you can plug into your own Do Over.


To get a jump start on your Do Over, go to and download The 3 Pillars of Creating the Ultimate Do Over. It's free.

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Bob Burg, author and speaker, joins Matt to discuss his most succesfful book "The Go-Giver" and his newest book "Adversaries into Allies." 

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If you do what the greats do, in the same way that they do it, you too are destined to be great. Matt shares how he used one thing that Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln have in common of which lead to his extraordinary results. More importantly, he shares with you what it is, why it works and how you can implement.


Download the 3 Pillars of Creating the Ultimate Do Over for FREE at

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If this isn't your first time listening to the show, you know how Matt likes to simplify things. This "thing" is no different. On this episode Matt will walk you through 3 simple steps to getting what you want this year, but not just any ol' thing you want... no, Matt isn't playing small. These are 3 steps to getting that one thing you want so badly that you've wanted for so long that regardless of what you've tried up to this point... you just haven't been able to make it happen. Look nowhere else for the answer as the answer is right here! We're excited for you.


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Every attendee will leave with their own personal road map to financial freedom.

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