Do Over

We've set the goals, we've got the action plan, we're working on our environment, finding a role model and mentor, but something is missing. The final ingredient could make or break your "do over." Today, Matt puts the final piece of the puzzle in place.


Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran joins Matt Theriault to discuss:

  • What she would do differently if she were to start over
  • Where she thinks the real estate market is going
  • The mentor that made everything possilbe
  • Her secret for staying on top
  • With whom she spends most of her time
  • How she hires the people that work for her
  • The ripest investment market
  • Why only 2 out of 3 deals reached on Shark Tank actually close

Also, Matt joins Adam Carolla in the fight against "patent trolls" and announces the winner of the $1,000 Epic Video Contest.


Say goodbye to your favorite podcasters. It's the end of podcasting as you know it. 

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